ENPT Enai Noki Paayum Thota 2017 Movie Songs

written for the screen and directed :Gautham Vasudev Menon
Main lead Roll: Dhanush & Megha Akash
Director OF Cinematography : Jomon T. John
Music Composed & Conducted By : Yuvan Shankar Raja



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Film Dialogue And Soundtarck Review

Go Past Him On The Left , I can Not Get Out . Damned Granddad Go Left Left . Crazy Old Guy > This Is driving me insane.this insane old fart is just asking for it .what a day just ignoring me like that . O My God why would we be responsible for him?well,do you have contact detils for someone responsible.how the hell would we know,this is crazy guy.you sort this out.i told you i dont know him. its dinner time ,dad stop that and come eat.dad you’ll wear your belt out.hey get up.come on. stop Hay wait a minute,what are you doing .going to work , get on the bus .runing is faster.how can runing be faster ?where appel village ?i am the defender of planet earth.shut up girl what the hell?die that was too hard.you brast going to let me through.dont move .oh no he is getting out,its ok dont be scared.what is this ?and who are you?so you wnnt to take me on tou too ?you are a bad man aren”t you ?do i look like a bad man?i am very good man.this is a road , with car on it .you can not play here. its dangers you are cute kiks do not argue with me. just stand a site got it the maniacs round here even send .their kids out to block thr streets.draw. just stay right there .dont move got it ?i am going to run your right over.dont move . i will sort these little bratsout?wy has this stoped ?push harder you . what wrong with you ?thats enough . now beat it go home . what a placce ..he got a tv. yea cool.get way from there . quick come and watch. what the hell are you doing?come down. hey put 100 boxes on. think i am playing you more for coming in early?have had brackfast ?i think i have.why did you mean think you have ?theres a cream cake and a bean cake. with one are you havig ? half and half please,you think this is a pizza?why are you hungry?but when i understod true essence of network markting .did my life begin to transformed

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ENPT Enai Noki Paayum Thota Movie songs Download



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